Many Moons Psychotherapy
Community Weaving Project:  The Holding Loom


This project invites each participant to write a message on a piece of fabric- something that is difficult to talk about out loud. As each writer weaves their message into the loom, it becomes hidden within the folds of fabric. The words are no longer visible, but the feeling of release and containment remains. Their message lays next to someone else's fabric, held safe, secure, and private.

The purpose of this modality has evolved and expanded since Stephanie first incorporated the floor loom in her art therapy office in 2010. The early intention of the loom was for positive self-statements. Stephanie invited her clients to write things they liked about themselves onto strips of fabric, which were then woven into the loom. Ultimately, as different people encountered the loom, it became clear that documenting affirmations was not what everyone needed. Stephanie realized that it was the "containment" that made the experience so powerful, not the content. The loom became a community diary.

Children and adults alike began documenting precisely what they individually needed to write. And not just what they needed to say but what they needed to be "held" for them. The loom became a holding container for an infinite range of messages: loving and celebratory, secret or painful, concrete or existential.

A.S. 10/12/11

It's like a secret book
Full of secrets
Roll it up
Seal it up

The people who come to Stephanie's
They take a piece of fabric
They cut it
They write a secret
Or what they wish for
Or things you like about yourself
Or about what you have gone through in the past

You weave it in
You look at your words
Then you say bye-bye to it
You can't see it
The world can't see it
But it's still there
And it's safe.


- Anne, age 12

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