Many Moons Psychotherapy
Using the Potter Wheel as a Therapy Tool

Dedicating her Master's thesis in 1999 to the study of the pottery wheel as both a clinical assessment tool and a therapeutic intervention, Stephanie has been deeply invested in the powerful, transformative nature of this modality.

Beginning in high school when she first encountered this modality, Stephanie has used the pottery wheel for a wide range of goals, from making functional stoneware to relaxation and meditation. She has run therapeutic wheel-throwing workshops, extended clay-based programs, and she now integrates the experience in her current individual /family therapy services.

Currently, Stephanie utilizes two pottery wheels and a large kiln in her office. The intention is to achieve the delicate balance between the technical learning, the tactile sensation, the metaphorical vessel and the emotional regulation that comes from the experience. When completed, the feelings are documented on the wall. These words help set a tone for the next participant, as well as the entire clinical setting.


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