Many Moons Psychotherapy
Art Therapy in Moshi, Tanzania


In 2014, Stephanie traveled to Moshi, Tanzania, for 8 weeks to work as an Art Therapist. She volunteered her services in three different social service programs. In these settings, Stephanie provided individual, family and group psychotherapy with the support of local translators. The language barrier served as a perfect reminder of the powerful way that art can communicate experiences and transform lives.

Pamoja Tunaweza Women's Center is a free clinic for women and children to receive counseling, medication, and medical care. Stephanie met with families with a wide variety of needs and challenges. Common clinical themes included family members affected by HIV/AIDS, severe poverty, chronic domestic violence, substance abuse, chronic medical illness, and homelessness. Stephanie traveled with medical caravans to remote villages and delivered primary care, counseling and medical evaluations.

Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club is an art-based community program for adolescents and young adults. Members of the club participate in a variety of production-based art teams (jewelry, fiber art, painting, dance/theater) to build both technical and business skills. Stephanie provided weekly individual psychotherapy to members of the club, with the assistance of a team leader/artist.

Msamaria Center For Street Children is a residential home for children who are not living with their families. Reasons for placement include children running away from abusive homes, parents having died from HIV/AIDS, severe poverty and abandonment, and mental/medical illness that is not adequately addressed by the family. Stephanie offered recreational art-making, social skills support and self-esteem building activities.

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