Many Moons Psychotherapy
What is Expressive Arts Psychotherapy?

The expressive arts are creative materials and tools that allow an individual to communicate without talking.  By using drawing, sculpture, music, poetry, puppetry and sand trays, adults and children alike are offered a safe, non-judgmental opportunity to share their psychological and behavioral challenges. Through this authentic and often spontaneous process, individuals can gain access to their feelings, practice new ways of expressing them and learn alternative behaviors.

"You didn't tell me how art would help
but doing it made me realize it on my own"
-Sophie, age 10

"You know what I like about art?
It refreshes my mind."
-C.M. age 9

"There is a treasure chest. We discover new things, like feelings and new feelings and art. I have a gate thing. And a lock. With scary and ugly things inside. When we are drawing, it is like a new discovery. Every time I come here, it is a new discovery."
- Mikayla age 12


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